Tremendous Beauty-Piaget Altiplano Embroidery

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The Asian watch fair-Watch & Wonder-is closed, and this grand fair offer a huge platform for various brands to exhibit and promote novelties and display their techniques, as well as offers a platform for global watch fans coming together and have communications about their watches story. Facing various brands, many of them are quite impressive. Pursuing the excellence and functionality is an important part, but the design on watch can also not be neglected. So here we will pick one of best and gives a brief introduction to its history and backgrounds. Today, we first look at the replica Piaget Altiplano Embroidery Watch.

Replica Piaget has amazing performance on the top watch making, and it employs exquisite skills and masters to bestow its watches with souls. From the ancient art to the recently collection, embroidery is close connective with human civilization. Needles and strings can date back to the prehistoric stage and a lot of documents can prove that, such as Iliad created by Homer. And relief indicates that using different colors and strings to make small things has already existed. It is said that Asian people were the first one that built gold or silver into s leaf-shape and cut them into small strip and knitted them into colorful strings.
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In the Silk Road, embroidery played an important role in the trading and culture communication. After that, embroidery becomes the art that exemplify European’s statues. Back then, craftsmen put all their efforts into making religious cloths and royal clothing. Nowadays, gold embroidery has achieved a lot: it is widely used in knotting badges of a city or family; in the ceremonial arts, it is employed in restoring or making flags. Also golden embroidery finds its application in building custom and drama cloth, such as bachelor cloth. And replica Piaget Altiplano Embrodiery Watch is an excellent art to reflect the history and culture of the Silk Road.