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Patek Philippe and Rolex Watches – Both Are Very Independent

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Now the so-called independent watches brands that we often talk about, mainly refer to some relatively small scale brands, whose technology are relatively distinctive or the new brands. This is because many big brands which have hundreds of years of history have been integrated into each big luxury goods group, such as Richemon, Swatch Group, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy and other large luxury groups, etc. As above, it is not easy for any enterprise in any industry to overcome all kinds of challenges and successfully survives for hundreds of years, although a lot of brands also survive, its management right is in the capital market integration, and is passed to other companies, mainly the big luxury goods group that are mentioned above. The result is very important for the survival of the brand, of course, but because in a larger family, the technical process, operation and management, especially the market positioning are strongly affected by the group decision or the so-called overall layout, and the history culture and the inheritance of technique of the brand will be affected by different degree, so as Patek Philippe and Rolex both in hundreds of years of operation, never been purchased by any large luxury goods groups, and they are the rare watches brands with strong family enterprise culture particularly.

Patek Philippe in the watchmaking industry pursues the top of the art, but Rolex in watchmaking industry is in the pursuit of quality and practicality. One of the most important thing is that they perfectly do their best in their fields, also is being different in the eyes of other people and brands.

Two brands in the Swiss watches occupy absolute position, not one of them can be dispensed with, so to speak, Patek Philippe is the king representing the extremely complex function and handicrafts, Rolex is on behalf of the accurate and durable quality, and there are the world’s most valuable luxury brands.


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